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Library information - Welcome to the library at Sophiahemmet University

The library is open to the public but only students at Sophiahemmet University and staff at Sophiahemmet Hospital are allowed to borrow books. Others can ask their libraries to place an order for an interlibrary loan.

Phone number:
08-406 2885

E-mail address:

Opening hours during term
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8 am – 6 pm
Friday: 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Library catalogue
The library collection is registered in an online public access catalogue called Sophialine.
Click on the British flag for a version in English. (Maximize the window if you do not see the British flag).
Log in with your library card number and a pin code to check your loans and renew your books.

You can check out your loans at the self-issue computer in the library hall or you can ask the staff for help. Course books can only be checked out by librarians at the inquiry desk.

Loan period
Course books or books in high demand 7 days, other literature 28 days.

You can return borrowed books in the return box outside the library.

You can renew your loans unless someone else is waiting for the book. You can renew your loans on the web, by e-mailing to , by phoning 08-406 2885 or by personal visit.

Reservations, holds
You can reserve a book that is currently on loan by filling in a form.

Late loans
If your course books are returned late you have to pay an overdue fine of SEK 10/day the first five days and then SEK 25/day the following days.

Lost or damaged items
If a book is lost or damaged you have to replace it by buying a new copy for the library or by paying for a new one. You pay the actual cost + an administration fee.

Computers and Internet access
You can check your e-mail or write papers at two of the computers in the library. The other computers in the library are for seeking information.

Quiet study area
The library has a quiet study area.

The printed journals located outside the library are reference only. The latest edition is on display and back copies are held in stock. Ask the library staff for help. You can copy articles with your key card. Electronic versions of articles can be obtained through databases.

You have access to the databases PubMed and CINAHL on the computers at Sophiahemmet University and when you use the wireless network.
Links to databases

Wireless network
A wireless network is available in the library. Contact the IT department for information on how to connect to the wireless network.

Interlibrary loans
Articles and books required for studies and research at Sophiahemmet University and which are not owned by the library can be obtained from other libraries. See Interlibrary loans for more information.

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