Internationalization at Sophiahemmet University

The aim of the internationalization programme at Sophiahemmet University is to permeate the educational programmes with an international perspective. Participation in an international exchange has potential to enhance personal development as well as the quality of education for students, researchers and staff. Students in the Bachelor of Science in nursing programme have the opportunity to participate in international exchanges like clinical practice abroad, from the fourth semester. There are exchange programmes for students at Master’s level as well.

Student exchanges and collaborations
Sophiahemmet University’s ambition with the internationalization strategy is to network on a global level with universities that offer educational programmes within Nursing Science. This benefits students, lecturers and researchers. Currently Sophiahemmet University has collaborations within the Nordic countries, Europe, Asia and Africa. Links to more information about the programmes:
European Nursing Module (ENM)

Practical information for incoming exchange students   

The International Theme Day
Each semester, Sophiahemmet University hosts an International Theme Day. During this day, students report and share their experiences during the exchanges.

The International Council
The exchange programmes at Sophiahemmet University are managed by the International Council.

Chairperson and contact person: Jan Nilsson 
Coordinator for the Bachelor’s Programme in Nursing Science: Louise Eulau 

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