Practical information for incoming exchange students

Exchange/Student Placements

Sophiahemmet University can offer a variety of clinical placements in the field of nursing such as: medical or surgical care, geriatric care, intensive care unit, psychiatric care, primary nursing etc. The different placements are located around the Stockholm area. We can also offer theoretical courses. 


All students registered at Sophiahemmet University have a personal accident/injury insurance during school/practice time through the insurance company Folksam. We recommend all incoming students to arrange for an extra insurance to cover any accidents that might occur during spare time as well as personal liability claims. Exchange students will be registered on arrival day. 

Nordic and EU/EEA Citizens

If you come to Sweden from another Nordic or EU/EEA country only to study, you are entitled to receive essential health care for the Swedish patient fee. Essential health care is treatment that cannot wait until you return to your home country. What is considered as essential health care thus depends on how long you are planning to study in Sweden. To obtain essential health care for the Swedish patient fee, you must show proof of identity. EU/EEA and Swiss citizens also need to show the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you wish to have health care which is not considered to be essential, you must accordingly pay the entire cost yourself if you do not have a Swedish personal identity number.

Please note that students studying 1 or 2 semesters (less than 12 months) cannot apply for a Swedish personal identity number!

The European Health Insurance Card Students from EU/EEA member countries should bring the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), filled out by the social insurance office in their home country. With this card you are entitled to health care at the same standard patient fee as Swedish citizens. Bring the card any time you need to seek medical care. Holding an “EHIC-card” does not guarantee full health care coverage. Please check with the social insurance office in your home country for more details.

Student Health Service

Sophiahemmet University has an agreement with the Student Health Center at Karolinska Institutet. The Student Health Center will do the necessary MRSA test.


It is advisable for incoming students to screen for MRSA prior to the Stockholm departure in order to get treatment in the home country in case of a positive test result. The screening upon arrival at Sophiahemmet University must be done regardless previous screening in the home country.

Samples will be taken from the nose, the throat and, if applicable, from skin lesions. Students without skin lesions are allowed to start their clinical practice while waiting for the test result. If you have a skin lesion, you are not allowed to have contact with patients until you test negative for MRSA.
Upon arrival you are obliged to visit the Student Health Centre for screening.
You will receive the testresult within 7 days after the test. You must be prepared to show the document to the hospital authority upon request.

Information about basic hygiene, work clothes, hair, jewellery and piercing

Information about basic hygiene and staff hygiene procedures.


The University is located in the centre of Stockholm in beautiful park surroundings with Sophiahemmet, Queen Sophia Hospital (private hospital) on one side and the Royal Institute of Technology on the other. Other neighbouring colleges are the Royal College of Music and the University College of Physical Education and Sports. 


The metro station Tekniska högskolan is a 5-minute walk from the Sophiahemmet University. The metro will take you to the city centre, T-Centralen, in 6 minutes, to Universitetet (Stockholm University) in 2 minutes and to Danderyds Sjukhus (Danderyd Hospital) in 10 minutes. From the local train station Östra Station, next to the metro station, the trains will take you to the northern suburbs of Stockholm. 
You can buy tickets or travelcard (SL Access card) for the metro/buses in Pressbyrån (a chain of convenience stores), SL centers and at several Public Transport Stations.
Stockholm Public Transport

How to get to Sophiahemmet University from Arlanda Airport or Skavsta Airport via Cityterminalen

The easiest way to get from Arlanda Airport or Skavsta Airport to Cityterminalen in downtown Stockholm is to go by coach with Airport coaches. You can also go by train from Arlanda with Arlanda Express.
Arlanda Airport - how to get to and from.
Skavsta Airport - how to get to and from.

When you arrive to Cityterminalen walk in to Cityterminalen and take the stairs, escalator or elevator down to the metro station T-Centralen. Follow the signs marked Underground, Metro, T-bana or Tunnelbana (Swedish for metro). Take the metro red line 14 towards Mörby Centrum, and get off at Tekniska högskolan. Exit towards Tekniska Högskolan, and then use the Tekniska Högskolan exit. Walk 70 metres along Drottning Kristinas väg and then turn right into Lindstedtsväg, walk along Lindstedtsväg and Sophiahemmet University is in front of you.
Map - How to get from the metro station Tekniska Högskolan (T) to Sophiahemmet University (D or R).


The average temperature in Stockholm in January is -2.8° C (+27.0° F) and +17.2° C (63.0° F) in July. January has an average of daylight of 6 hours and July of 18 hours.  


Most Swedes understand and speak good English. English is taught in school from the age of 7. Parts of the population have also studied German, French or Spanish.

Library and IT

The library’s main purpose is to provide students, teachers and researchers at the University with literature. It holds some 20 000 book volumes, in both Swedish and English, and a large number of journals with emphasis on nursing and research methodology. The library provides access to various databases and offers interlibrary loan service to its customers. The library also contains a quiet study area.

Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 08.00 am – 18.00 pm
Friday 08.00 am – 16.00 pm

The University has computers for student use.


Guest students are, depending on availability of rooms, offered accommodation at Lappkärrsberget, near the Stockholm University campus, just outside the city centre. These are single rooms with a small bathroom. In every hall there is a joint kitchen. The rooms are simply furnished with a bed, bedside table, desk with chair, cupboard and a shelf. Bring your own bed linen and towels.
Information about Lappkärrsberget

How to get to Lappkärrsberget from Sophiahemmet University:
Take metro red line 14 from Tekniska högskolan towards Mörby centrum, get off at Universitetet, exit towards Universitetet. Change to bus 40 towards Stora Lappkärrsberget, get off at Professorslingan.

The housing situation is difficult in Stockholm. Be careful, we advise you not to pay rent-deposits in advance unless you have personal contacts. Contact Madeléne Westerberg about accomodation.

You can apply for a scholarship on €1000 to support students who has moved to stockholm to study:

Host (Buddy) students

Every guest student is offered a buddy student. The buddy student is a regular student at the nursing programme at the University. The Student Union at Sophiahemmet University collaborates with other student unions in organizing different activities for guest students. Your buddy will arrange social activities during your stay in Stockholm.


Do not bring any nursing uniforms. This will be given to you at the clinical placement. If you are staying for a longer period of time you will be given several sets of uniforms and the laundry will be taken care of by the ward.

It is advisable to bring shoes to wear at the clinical placement. They should be comfortable and easy to clean. Most nursing staff in Sweden wears a kind of sandal (Birkenstock/Scholl or likewise). 


There is a small grocery shop at Lappkärrsberget with post service and at the Stockholm University campus you will find an ITM machine and some small shops for snacks etc. There are also restaurants and pubs.
Mörby centrum is the nearest shopping mall.
Laundry rooms are available at Lappkärrsberget.

Peanut ban

Please do not bring any kind of peanuts to the premises of Sophiahemmet University, due to allergic individuals.

Grading scale

Sophiahemmet University uses two grading scales:
For clinical placement courses: Two grades - Pass/Fail (G/U)
For theoretical courses: Seven grades - A/Excellent, B/Very good, C/Good, D/Satisfactory, E/Sufficient, FX/Fail, F/Fail.

Tourist information

Stockholm Tourist Centre 
Study in Stockholm - Information for international students in Stockholm


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